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If your Beta version of the driving application has timed out,
click here to download the latest version.

We are designing a number of practical modules for universities and colleges teaching 3D modelling, or game design, courses.

We have a number of solutions aimed at students with different skillsets. Our practical game design applications are delivered along with documentation and coursework for both lecturers and students.

The solutions range from teaching basic level editing skills and concepts right up to enabling the students to export their 3D levels ( for example from 3D Studio Max or Maya ) into a game, and customise it ( music, graphics, sound effects etc ).

All of our solutions are set up to be usable in under 5 minutes of the student receiving the coursework, and they assume no prior technical knowledge.

A unique feature of our solutions are that the students can showcase their work online ( to lecturers, or to potential employers ) simply by sending a link, or by e-mailing the data for their created level.


You can try out our basic level editing application here ( NOTE: All of our applications ship as stand-alone applications, and where appropriate, with an online version ).

Click the image above to view the basic game editor.


  • Easy to use editor ( it takes minutes to learn )
  • Uses a familiar building block metaphor for creating levels
  • No prior skills ( 3D or otherwise ) are required
  • Can be used to teach students from all ranges of education
  • Simple, fun game mechanic ( rolling a ball ), using real physics engine ( Havok )
  • Teaches level design ( from easy to difficult )
  • Illustrates effects of time limits
  • More complex bonus paths can be designed within the levels
  • Highlights the basic complexities involved in designing a number of different, unique levels
  • Levels can be easily e-mailed to lecturers / other students for review

3D LEVEL EDITING ( 3D Studio Max / Maya )

If you are teaching one of the popular modeling packages ( 3D Studio Max, Maya etc ), your students can now try out their level design skills immediately. With a simple 4 step export process, the models that they create can be seen and played within seconds.

Game logic can also be set up within the 3D editor ( using tags in the object names for things like pickups, triggers etc ).

As well as teaching 3D modelling skills, the student can also customise the game title screens, the in-game music, and various sound effects.

The game uses a realistic physics engine ( Havok ) to ensure that what ever the student creates will become a functional part of the game level.

Click the image above to play an example level.


  • Supports all major modelling packages ( Max, Maya, Lightwave etc )
  • Students work can be played online ( *UNIQUE FEATURE ) by simply sending a link
  • Level changes can be exported and played within minutes
  • No additional technical ( programming ) resources are required
  • Simple, fun game mechanic ( driving a vehicle ), using real physics engine ( Havok )
  • The level design is limited only by the students imagination ( any graphical style and level layout can be implemented )
  • Basic game logic can be implemented within the 3D scene, using tags within the 3D objects names
  • The interface ( title screens, music ) can all be customised by the student, making use of their additional Photoshop or sound editing skills.
  • It allows students can work in teams, to delegate the task of design, modelling, texturing, music and sound effects etc.
  • Links to the levels can be easily e-mailed to lecturers / other students for review
If you have access to a 3D modelling package, and would like to download and try out out the above vehicle application ( including sample files, and a document describing how to customise it ), click here to download the trial for free.


Also, send general feedback or discovered bugs to our new forum.
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If you would like to ask us any questions about our Game Design Modules, and how to licence them for your university or college, click here

Practical Game Design Modules